Meaningful work

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I haven't decided if this is a private memex or an actual dn:IX1 situation, but I'm going to crosslink.

Kids need meaningful work. This is Papert Solomon Stager Martinez MakerEd 101. Meaning creates investment. In my current reading the Sequences mode, I might say that investmentleads to ideation which leads to models, and models can be falsified. That's why I've been doing all ofthis forever.

Mimicry and dissection are novice accessible learning strategies. They become problematic when the scale becomes unbounded. There's a different between this and this.

Even before you get to class hours, student course load and managing adolescent attention, building a successfull learning experience involves carefully defining scope.

The obvious, to me, idea is that there should be at least one major running project that the class works on, with, through.
I'm happy with our class gitlab, despite the platform install headaches (omg, OS X requiring full xCode installation for git is infuriating).

I want to have a notion of project spaces, folder structures, etc as an explicit part of the curric sequence. Those are tools. You learn them by needing to do them.

So, if there's a running project, built on a carefully scoped backend, then it can generate a chore wheel.

These can start with basic class route procedure stuff. from make user dir, create and publish a file, sync a project to a particular gitlab repo There's just a billion tiny TASKS that we can do, and it will be SO MUCH better to do those as atomic excercises as part of a scripted sequence in week 1. when I can hopefully push back on the ipads and chromebooks FAST.

  1. There was a period in around 2005 where Wil Wheaton had so fucked his own typepad (or mabe Grey Mater?) installation from the command line, that he had to start a Typepad called wwdn:iX It's been out internal shorthand / suffix for "the thing you do to get through one moment but get stuck doing for 4 years." ↩︎